Spiracl Scale Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Features:1. Ultrasonic sealing cuts make it possible to produce teabags with outstanding extraction and beautiful appearance.;2. Single material packaging capacity can be  2500 - 4800 bags / hour (six heads) according to the specific material ratio and fluidity;3. Up to six kinds of materials can be mixed; the length of tea leaves should be controlled within 2cm;4. Labeled tea bags can be easily produced with labeled packaging materials;5.Spiral scale more accurate and can control the error be ±0.15gram.6.Can pack 0.2-7gram tea.
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Product Details

SP-100LX6T spiral scale pyramid tea bag packing machine



Green tea/red tea/flower tea/coffee/chinese tea/health tea/herbal tea/ quantitative packaging of single tea products such as granules and mixed tea blends.


Standard specifications

1. Combinated with electronic scales, raw materials can be measured accurately metered and filled without volumetric measurement

      2. Production counter

      3. Combination online batch combination device

      4. Line check (error alarm when checking out) or fixed-length bag type

      5. Glass door safety device

      6. Packaging material tension automatic adjustment device, waste film recovery device

7. Acoustic load alarm

8. The machine will automatically stop when there are various types of alarms;

Technical Parameters



Indicators and instructions

Model NO.


Measurement range


Measurement accuracy


Produce speed


Packing material

Nylon,non-woven fabric, corn fiber and other ultrasonic   sealing materials

Measurement method

6 set Electronic Spiral Scale

Material width


Outer diameter

≤dia 400mm

Inner diameter

Dia 76mm

Air pressure

≥0.6Mpa(Guaranteed gas supply by custom-made)




about 2.8Kw,220V,50HZ


About L1250×W800×H1600(mm)

Equipment weight

About 650Kg

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