Nylon Filter Mesh Tea Bag Making with String and Tag

- Jul 22, 2017-

Basic Info

Advantage tea bags with string
1.High durability and best tensility:all threads are the best domestic or imported.
2. Nice appearance,standard size: all are imported worldly advanced production lines from Switzerland.
3.Clean and never depigment.
4.Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the press room
5.Good diathermancy.
6.High air permeability
7.Acid resistance and Alkali resistance
8.Long working life& Hard wear
Advantages of pyramid tea bags
1.A transparent 3D pyramid shape
2.Contents(petals,greens and fruit) can be distinguished from each other accurately and the appearance looks luxurious.
3.Deeper and richer taste and aroma than existing tea bags,which is produced by forcing water well through the tea bag.
4.It can be brewed in cold as well as hot water.
5.Damage-proof mesh packing materials with great durability and no wasted tea leaves.
6.Its eco-friendly material can be applied to variety of well-being teas.
seal way.JPG

Package specification
Width: 120mm*50p
Line length: 15cm line, 12.8cm line

1.Different sizes of TBF(N) series products can be produced and provided according to customers' demands.
 -TBF(N)-S:120mm,140mm,160mm,(for other sizes,please       contact us).

2.It is possible for basic food safety standards.
It is possible to produce or attach images or tags with the brand/symbol

Product Description

The shape of a triangle tea bag, more space, can make better stretch tea in the water, so as to obtain a better taste. Nylon mesh fabric with high transparency, you can better show the shape of tea to consumers, high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade! It is a wise choice for middle and high tea trader.
Product Featurehigh transparency,pyramid type,triangle shape
Product Specification/Models140mm;160mm
Tea packaging,Chinese herbal packaging, condiment packaging, etc.
Other Information

Although the triangle tea bag is a new industry, but our company has been open market for two years in China, get good reviews, so we believe that the market is very broad, and we are good pushing behind the triangle tea bag market!

TBF(N)-S:with String and Tag

Model No.MaterialSealingThickness (μm)