filter paper

- Sep 08, 2017-

Main species

Filter paper can be divided into qualitative and quantitative two. In the application of analytical chemistry, when the inorganic compound is filtered to separate the precipitate, the residue collected on the filter paper can be used to calculate the wastage rate during the experiment. Qualitative filter paper, after filtering, has more cotton fiber, it is only suitable for qualitative analysis; quantitative filter paper, especially gray-free filter paper through a special treatment procedures, can be more effective resistance to chemical reactions, resulting in Less impurities, can be used for quantitative analysis. In addition to the general laboratory application of filter paper, life and engineering on the application of a lot of filter paper. Coffee filter paper is one of the widely used filter paper, tea bag outside the filter paper provides a high softness and high wet strength characteristics. Other air filter paper that uses suspended particles in the test air, and fiber filters on different industrial applications.

The basic nature of this paragraph

Choosing the right filter paper can be determined by considering the following four factors.

Hardness: filter paper will become wet when filtering, some long-term filtration of the experimental steps should be considered after the use of wet water after the more tough filter paper.

Filtration efficiency: the density and size of the seepage hole on the filter paper affect its filtration efficiency. High efficiency filter paper filter speed is fast, and the resolution is also high.

Capacity: the accumulation of solid particles in the filter or will block the holes in the filter paper, so the more dense water seepage hole, it means that the higher the capacity, allowing the filter filter more.

Applicability: Some filter paper is made using special production steps, such as in the test medicine used to determine the blood nitrogen content, must use nitrogen-free filter paper and so on.

Note that filter paper can not filter zinc chloride, otherwise the filter paper will be damaged by corrosion of zinc chloride