Are Some Of The Velvet Wadding In The Tea Bag Broken Or What?

- Apr 27, 2017-

This professional name is "Tea". In simple terms, they are the tiny fluff on the top of the tea tip, which contains abundant theanine.

Generally speaking, a lot of the need to retain tea, raw materials, fresh leaf tender, the higher the tea, the more. In spring, the temperature rises, bud buds sprout, the hairs grow gradually, to the bud body swelling, the fluff has long to a certain length, when the blade has not been carried out, the density of the hairs. Therefore, a lot of famous tea picking tea buds, one leaf or one bud two leaves, and in the process of production, there is a process, making tea look more beautiful.

The leaves of fresh leaves of raw materials have many hairs, and most of the tea is a high-quality character. Young shoots have many hairs, and the freshness of the related tea will be higher. Of course, the number of hairs on the tea is not the sole criterion for judging the quality of tea.